To All My Fellow Dreamers: Let Him Dream For You

Dreams.  Anticipations.  Excitement.

I dream of my future, my ideas, my plans, my outcome… but do I ever stop and hand it all over to Christ?  Do I ever ask Him what He wants me to do?

I recently wrote this in one of my many (many) journals:

Plans.  Dreams. Visions.

How easy it is for me to dream dreams and have visions for what I’m going to (or might) do, yet I’m simply trying to get rid of this life I’m living now, and get on with the next phase… Jesus tells me to serve Him where I’m at.  Not to waste time wishing I was further along in my life and my walk with God.

But, in order to be further along in my faith in the future, I have to be pursuing Him now.  His return is sooner than I think, much sooner… Am I ready?  Would I be ready to go to Heaven if Jesus came back today?  Or tomorrow?  Would I be ready to go home?  Am I willing to never have any of my life plans come to pass?  If none of them happen, would I be okay?  Am I holding too tightly to this world?  AmI really “in the world and not of it”?

Jesus, help me love you more than anything this world has to offer me.

Family, riches, careers, coffee shops [my current dream to one day own], I give it all over to You.  Without Your blessing on them, they’re useless.

My friends, those are not easy prayers to pray and actually mean.  They can hurt.  They can cause pain.  They can cause sorrow, or maybe frustration.  But those are the right words that we all need to come to realize on our own times.

This world is not our home.  And one day, we won’t be here anymore.

You don’t know when that is, and neither do I, but are you handing your plans to Him so He can dream for you?  Or are you still trying to make this world your home, still trying to make it how you want it?

As a dreamer myself, this is really hard.  This was a post I thought a LOT about writing, but never got around to it.  Why?  Because I hadn’t come to that place in my life myself.  It took a lot of prayer, and, yes, it did cause some sorrow… for a time.

But His plans are so much more rewarding.

Friends, fellow dreamers, are you wiling to let go?  To give it all to Him?  And let the Creator of the World dream for you?

Thoughts?  Please share!  Are you a dreamer by nature?  Do you relate with me at all?  What are some plans YOU had to commit to Christ?

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16 thoughts on “To All My Fellow Dreamers: Let Him Dream For You

  1. Loved this post, Hannah! Yes, I am also a dreamer! 🙂 In addition to that I’m a perfectionist. Yup, that makes it hard at times to surrender. But, His ways are always better and His plan never fail. That is one of my favourite attributes of God!

    Back to dreams 😉 recently I read something like “if you always look at other people’s lives, you might miss the one God has for you”. This is similar! Dreaming is perfectly fine until I can’t differentiate between dreams and reality. I know, that sounds dramatic, but I’ve been there.

    Thank you, Hannah, for this post! God currently has me in a season I sometimes don’t understand, so I can always do with a reminder 😊.

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    1. Hehe, it’s strange… I’m a perfectionist sometimes [on a rare occasion] and other times… well, not really. (just ask my mom.) Yes, His plans ARE always better. Always. Amen!!

      Huh, I like that. Thanks for sharing it. Yeah, it is very similar… LOL, no, I totally get you there, I’m the same way 😆

      Absolutely! Aww, will be praying for you Sarah! ❤

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      1. Yes it is Dream For You, I wonder why it’s not showing up? If you can you could look it up on YouTube. Another blogger recommended it to me and I love it too! ❤

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  2. Hannah, I totally needed to read this post, and I’m so glad I came back and actually read the whole thing through (yay for two free minutes!!) Lately I’ve been dreaming (more like thinking) ahead– (what will I do in the future, etc.) and I needed to hear this today–to cast my cares on God. So true! ❤ Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful post…Now I'm off to read the other one I haven't read (which looks awesome!)

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