Called To Go

At age 13 I already knew I was called to go.  To be a missionary overseas.

At age 15 I started to get comfortable with the life I have.  I was already doubting my calling.  I was already listening to all those things people were telling me, assuring me I just made the whole thing up.

At age 16 I am more sure than ever, yet more nervous than ever, that I am definitely called to serve overseas.

I know it’s not for everyone, but this post is specifically written for the others who are called to go.  Are you?

Ever since I was 13 I knew what I was called… I have no idea where I’m called to, even now, but I know Jesus will reveal that in His perfect timing.  But by 15 I was starting to doubt… I was listening to what everyone else was telling me, and maybe you’ve heard (and maybe believed) some of the same things:


“Well, you know, we’re supposed to be missionaries here.

“There are enough overseas missionaries, America needs you right here.”

“These people in this community/town/neighborhood need you more than the people in _________.”

“That’s crazy…”

“How do you know you were called?  Do you really know it?

“But what about having a family here?  What about getting married and having kids?”

“You don’t know where you’re going yet?  How do you know you’re supposed to go?”


Have you ever heard any of the above comments or variations of such?  I’ll tell you what, I’ve heard all of those… and more.  After a while, you start to believe it.  I began to doubt and believe what people were telling me, mainly because those comments pretty much all came from solid Christians who would claim to be mission-minded people.

I was shocked, and it made me doubt, that these people I respect or am at least friends with, didn’t believe my calling was real.  If they didn’t believe it, why should I?

I was seriously doubting something that I knew that I knew just a year or two before.

So I went back, I reread the scriptures that had become so dear to me, I prayed about it, and I sought the wisdom of God.  And yes.  I am called.

I have assurance that cannot be shaken, I know I’m called.  And if I’m honest, I’m nervous.  It’s still a few years down the road, I’m sure, but I am still nervous.  I think about the missionaries we all hear of, and the lazy part of me cowers.  The part of me that simply wants a small house on a farm with a bunch of kids and a hard working husband who loves me, that part of me shudders at the thought.

The thought that I might be giving that all up.  But it’s well worth it.

So dear friend, if you’re reading this right now, and you know you’re called too, don’t forget that.  Keep that assurance.

When the thought of all you might lose comes storming at you, taunting you, don’t forget the price Jesus Christ the only Son of God paid for you at the cross.

And He didn’t just do it for you, He died for everyone else too.

So don’t be afraid to lose all that you have to share what He did.  You will be rewarded someday greater than you can imagine.

It’s so beyond worth it, friends.  HE’S so beyond worth it.

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10 thoughts on “Called To Go

  1. Amen! If God calls you, then you are the one who knows this. Someone else can’t tell you no. (That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to wise counsel.)
    I don’t know if I am meant to be an “official” missionary. I am available for God. If He opened the door, I will walk through and it He doesn’t, I won’t.
    Praying for you, Hannah ❤

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  2. Another encouraging post is written by you, once again, Hannah. 😊 Gosh, I don’t know what my calling is yet, but God will show me in due time. Lately, I’ve been praying a lot about what His plan for my life is and what He wants me to do. I desire to go to college and get my degree in journalism and possibly get teaching credentials, however, that’s what I desire. God might have something in-store for me that is better for my life! It’s something I’m going to continue talking with Him about until He reveals what He wants to show me. Thank you so much for this post! God is using your gift to encourage very well. 😊❤

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