Called To Go

At age 13 I already knew I was called to go.  To be a missionary overseas. At age 15 I started to get comfortable with the life I have.  I was already doubting my calling.  I was already listening to all those things people were telling me, assuring me I just made the whole thing up. At age 16 I am more sure than ever, yet more nervous than ever, that I am definitely called to serve overseas. I know it's not for everyone, but this post is specifically written for the others who are called to go. Are you?


Keeping Hold & Reaching Out

I have a question for you... Do you struggle more with reaching out and making new friends, or staying in contact with your old friends? I never really struggled with either, until I switched churches this past winter. Then I struggled with both. Why?  Well, for one thing, I saw the majority of my friends a whole lot less.  The church I went to before had a lot of youth there, and I got to know them all... a bunch of the girls on a really personal level.  Then my family left the church, and joined another church.   Girl, it hurt.  That was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through.

A Battle With Pride

Hello my dear readers! This post is similar to the last, in the fact that it's a personal struggle that I've been working through, and wanted to encourage everyone else out there who might be going through the same thing. This one's about pride. Friends, pride is a sin.  It's something I believe every person … Continue reading A Battle With Pride

Living Real

A question that often floats in the back of my mind is this:    Am I fake? Have you ever asked yourself the same question? Are you a people-pleaser who changes who they are depending on the group they're with?  Do you struggle with being yourself because you're afraid of what others might think?  Do … Continue reading Living Real

How To Keep It From Being A “Spiritual High”

I just got back from a youth retreat this past weekend with my youth group.  It was an amazing weekend, it truly was.  The teaching was absolutely SOOO GOOOD, the conversations were so encouraging and uplifting (others were just goofy, but those can be good too.), and my devotion time was sooooooo beneficial. So how do I keep it … Continue reading How To Keep It From Being A “Spiritual High”

On The Other Side Of The Storm

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has given me suggestions on post subjects/topics/types that you would like to see!  While this doesn't fit in with the suggestions really much, I was looking back on my other posts, I realized I posted a couple blog posts about going through a storm, being joyful in the storm... … Continue reading On The Other Side Of The Storm